Gintama: A comedy sci-fi anime in which the central characters pictured are odd jobbing samurai.



Firstly, thanks for visiting this website, whether it be intentional or some happy random chance.

I’d like to first write about why I’ve decided to create for myself the job of “Odd Job Otaku” and the reasons behind it.

Well, the simple reason’s the need for the work and the money. While I do a lot of work, concerning not Japanese animation and comics but other non-related stuff, very little of it’s paid. My most regular paid job is as manga critic for MyM, but one regular job for a magazine isn’t enough to live on for a freelance journalist.

Given that the opportunities of paid employment in the mainstream media for an anime and manga critic is limited, I thought I would try to find out if anyone out there has the need of someone with my knowledge and would be willing to pay for it.

I’ve taken as a model for this position that of Prof. David Crystal, a linguist who set himself up as an “Independent Language Consultant” and has done a huge variety of work concerning the English language, from editing books to being hired by a shoe shop assistant to come up with some adjectives for an advertising campaign.

I doubt, and I hope I won’t be asked any questions about Japanese grammar (foreign languages were my worst subject at school), but other than that I’m willing to do just about any anime and manga related job, both big and small, you care to think of.

If you’re interested, please click on the “How To Hire Me” page.