CLAMPdown is a humorous book about the manga artists CLAMP, which I wrote during the UK’s various coronavirus lockdowns in 2020-21, for which I am seeking a publisher.

I decided to write about them partly because CLAMP are my personal favourite manga artists, and partly because I needed something to keep my mind on during the misery that was Covid-19.

However, as it is obviously a niche subject, I’m having trouble finding a publisher. In an attempt to find one, I set up the Twitter account @clampdownbook and have posted extracts. First went the preface and then the introduction. At midnight on CLAMP Day 2021 (1st April, which is 16.00 on 31st March UK time), I posted the entire first chapter, about the group’s early years and their first major work RG Veda.

If I don’t find a publisher within a year, then for CLAMP Day 2022, I’ll post up Chapter 2, covering the CLAMP School series – Man of Many Faces, Duklyon and CLAMP School Detectives. I’ll continue posting up chapters every year until I get a publishing deal, or the entire book is online for free, which at this rate would be in 2038 (or longer, if CLAMP create any other brand new works).

However, as this was taking so long I instead set up a Kickstarter to fund the book, and it was successful.

Cover drawn by Robin Kaplan, with text designed by A.L. Kaplan.